Pipers Lakeshore Resort


All Boat & Motor Prices are subject to frequent changes due to fluctuation in market availability.  Please call for up to date prices prior to your visit with us.


Pontoon Boats                              -    $140.00 per day
Bass Boats                                  -    $80.00 per day
16' Aluminum Fishing Boats         -    $20.00 per day
Motors (7.5 - 9.5 hp)                   -    $25.00 per day
Motors (15 hp)                            -    $30.00 per day

All Pontoon Boats, Bass Boats and Motors are rented per day.  Gas for all boats and motors are extra and will be charged in addition to rental fee's based upon actual usgae.

Pipers Resort has an on site boat ramp for your convenience if you would like to bring your own boat.  There is no charge for usage of the boat ramp.  Padded stalls in our private covered dock are only $5.00 per day.  Please let us know if you will have need of renting a stall when you make reservations so we can plan space for arrival of your boat at our dock.  Gas for your boat is also avaiable at market rates for your convenience.